Heat pump water heaters in the hairdressing industry

2016-09-26 15:15

Market Trends

   ⊙Change the traditional hairdressing establishments hot water consumption is high, the high running costs of the status quo.

   ⊙On energy efficiency requirements, environmental requirements and the need to minimize the high running costs.

   ⊙Consumers hot comfort requirements for beauty salon getting higher and higher.

Technology applications

   ⊙Hairdressing industry focused on providing hot water.

Customer demand

   ⊙Reduce hot water running costs

   ⊙Reasonable initial investment costs, short payback period

   ⊙System stylish simplicity, ease of use, comfort, safety

Product Features

   1、Direct thermal water energy-efficient

   2、No staff on duty, no special room, save money

   3、Water separation, no emissions, waste, safety and environmental protection

   4、Simple installation

   5、Intelligent defrost

   6、Independent temperature control

   7、Multiple protection, safe and reliable

   8、Weather running


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