Swimming pool heat pump use in clubhouse

2016-09-26 15:12

One. Market Trends

   Swimming pool heat pump as the 21st century "energy star", attention is growing. As an industry leader in swimming pool heat pump, from products to solutions for design, construction, and always in a professional manner, doing fine works in this field for the clubhouse pool, pool heat pumps brought a boom.
Two. Swimming pool heat pump technology applications

  Swimming pool heat pump type today the world's leading new pool pump, heat pump thermostat using advanced technologies and titanium coil heat exchanger technology, direct draw air low heat to heat the pool water and maintain the temperature and humidity stadium, completely breaking the dependence of combustion thermal radiation to heat the hot water pattern, improve the heating and heated pool safety and flexibility.
Three.Customer demand

  The trend for increasing comfort requirements, people not only want to be able to enjoy the comfort of swimming fun in the summer, but also want to enjoy the cold winter temperatures moderate, fresh air swimming environment. As for the stadium pool managers also hope to be able to meet the requirements of the people, but also want to invest significantly reduce costs and management fees, get more return on investment. Compared to the general pool equipment, the technical and economic aspects, no doubt to be able to get customers.
Program features

   ■Flexible design, easy to install: the monolithic design, appearance and compact unit, the small installation area, and cold air cooled host auxiliary separation structure, the system entirely in the interior of the water, completely prevented the appearance of the freeze in winter conditions, especially for the cold regional climate.
   ■Easy installation, low operating and maintenance costs.
   ■The use of advanced titanium titanium metal water heat exchanger, can withstand the erosion of chloride ions in water, the shell is made of high quality double-sided galvanized steel, durable.
   ■Units with high energy efficiency, large heat capacity.
   ■Energy saving: the use of heat pump technology, and other conventional water heating equipment (eg: oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.) can save 65% to 80% of operating costs compared to the environmental pollution.
   ■Use security: hydropower isolation; no fire, no leakage, ensure personal safety.

Five.Customer Benefits
   Now, with the rising price of oil, natural gas and other energy prices, increasing the advantages of using a heat pump. Not only environmental pollution, but also save you big running costs. PHNIX heater heat pump water heater savings compared with nearly 75% Expenses, empathy than the gas water heater saves 59%, compared to 62% fuel saving water heaters, solar water heaters, compared to 28 percent of energy use to save costs.


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