The leader in heat pump technology looks forward to your join.

Welcome to join in Melinda Quantum – the leader brand of air source heat pump technology. As the first enterprise in Chinese air source heat pump water heater in China founded in 2002, Melinda Quantum devotes to basic research and product R&D of air source heat pump technologies all the time. In addition, carbon dioxide heat pump technologies and high-temperature water source heat pump technologies are initiative in China, which have acquired several national invention patents, whose technological level has achieved internationally advanced level.

Career opportunities

Melinda Quantum welcomes various talents with innovative thinking, making progresses positively and seeking challenges and development opportunities. We possess many staffs who have served the company for many years, and they are proud of being a member of the big family, which benefit from excellent staff recruitment, training, development philosophy, and enterprise culture of Melinda Quantum.

If you want to pursue challenges and to realize joint growth of individuals and company, we welcome your join. Please submit the latest resume and indicated your applied position, we will consider to contact applicants meeting job requirements.

Talent concept

People first, take in all rivers and gather essences

Selecting, employing, and treating talents well is the talent viewpoint pursued by Melinda Quantum Enterprise.



Talents are the most precious resources of enterprise, as well as footstones for continuous and rapid development of enterprise. We treat talents as the base for innovation, competition, and development all the time. Recruit the most suitable enterprise talents, with people first, to realize sustainable development of families and causes.

Specific talent concepts of Melinda Quantum have created good growth environment and career development space for talents. Enterprise devotes to cultivating each staff striving for development, providing expansive learning and development opportunities for staffs with clear talent development strategy, excellent talent growth environment, wide undertaking development space, and effective incentive mechanism, encouraging their initiative and creativity, pursuing outstanding achievements and contributions, and trying hard to make each staff gain the largest development in Melinda Quantum, so that the enterprise can become an talent accumulation place for heat pump industry.

Melinda Quantum is a harmonious, ideal, and passionate team. Warmly welcome people of vision to join in Melinda Quantum and to create beautiful future together with us.

The latest talent demand of Melinda Quantum

Melinda Quantum provides broad spaces for talents from all walks of life to show their talents. Sincerely welcome you to join in us in shortage positions.


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